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  • City Shop Overview

    City Shop is the largest chain store in Shanghai dealing in a most extensive range of imported foods and daily necessities from around the world. With the latest products and world food trends, City Shop is dedicated to providing high-end customers with a vast varieties of commodities and first-class service.

    Up to now, there have been 10 branches in Shanghai located in CBD or high-end residential areas, such as Shanghai Centre, SML Center Square, Hong Mei Road, Citigroup Tower, Shanghai Film Art Center, Tianshan Road, Xu Jia Hui, Jidi Road etc. And the first branch store in Beijing opened in July, 2008. Nanxiang branch of Shanghai and Parkview Green branch of Beijing opened for business at the same day on Mar 13th, 2013.

    Today 80 percent of over 24 thousand commodities in City Shop are imports, with dairy product, meat, western alcohol and seasoning, chocolate, candy and organic vegetable as featured products.

    Diversity being one of the features, the other is that City Shop sells organic vegetables planted by City Farm to make sure of the top quality of our vegetables all year round.

    City Shop, with high quality commodities and service, is looking forward to being a part of your high quality life.

    Core Values

    Imports — Authentic Flavor
    Imports — Authentic Flavor

    Our quest to bring you the best products from around the world has made us the largest food importer of food in Shanghai. With selections from over 20 countries including US, Germany, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, France and so on, you are sure to find your favorite brand and the most authentic flavor.

    Quality — Life of High Quality
    Quality — Life of High Quality

    Our high quality standards are reflected in the food and items we offer. We carefully select each product on our shelf to be sure it's the best of the best: ingredients, taste, freshness and nutritional value. One stop shop and you will get all you need.

    Organic — Protect the Environment
    Organic — Protect the Environment

    It's more about an organic lifestyle than a mere product standard. We hope all of us can live a most natural life: choose natural food and take care of our environment.

    Service — Detail Matters
    Service — Detail Matters

    Grocery shopping, dining and reading, enjoy all at City Shop. Various food festivals, food sample tasting and farm touring, you and your family will have fun with us.

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