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  • Member's Handbook

    Welcome, new member of CITY SHOP! We sincerely thank you for your support and patronage over the years! Adhering to the service idea of “CITY SHOP, City Life”, we provide you with quality products and value-added service in return for your kindness.

    CITY SHOP Membership Tiers

    The electronic membership card issued by CITY SHOP, which is bound with user’s mobile phone number, boasts functions such as accumulation of points, exchange (use) of points and enjoyment of other benefits of members.

    Membership CardTiers:
    ① VIP
    ② Silver VIP
    ③ Golden VIP


    • Points can be collected through purchase; points of members of different tiers are calculated based on different ratios.
    • Points can be exchanged for gifts, coupons or selected goods.
    • Silver VIPs and Golden VIPs will have a birthday coupon, by which a member can enjoy the benefit in his/her birthday month.
    • Members will have the opportunity to join the cooking skill course held by CITY SHOP.
    • Members will have the opportunity to join the membership club activities held by CITY SHOP.
    • Members will be informed of the latest information of promotion and activities.

    2. Application for membership:

    Membership Tiers Application for membership
    VIP VIP membership can be applied upon any purchase
    Silver VIP VIP member who consumes RMB 5,000 in a year of membership will automatically upgrade to Silver VIP member.
    Golden VIP Silver VIP member who consumes RMB 15,000 in a year of membership will automatically upgrade to Golden VIP member.
    Note: The year of membership in the Handbook means the time period that starts from the day when a consumer gains a certain membership tier through upgrade, extension or purchase of membership and ends at the very day (including the day) of the following year.

    3. About Bonus Point

    (1)Rules for membership upgrade and extension of grade

    (1) Holders of membership card are divided into three tiers: VIP, Silver VIP and Golden VIP. When a holder’s consumption in a year of membership is up to a certain amount, he/she will be upgraded to a higher grade and enjoy corresponding higher member benefits.

    Rules for the membership card and upgrade/extension of grade are shown in the form below:

    Membership tiers Points collection rate Upgrade Extension of membership
    VIP 1 Accumulative consumption reaches RMB 5,000 in a year of membership Consumption shall be no less than RMB 1,200 in the year of membership after upgrading to or extension of VIP membership
    Silver VIP 1.5 Accumulative consumption reaches RMB 15,000 in a year of membership Consumption shall be no less than RMB 7,500 in the year of membership after upgrading to or extension of Silver VIP membership
    Golden VIP 2 Consumption shall be no less than RMB 12,000 in the year of membership after upgrading to or extension of Golden VIP membership
    II. Calculation of points

    All points are calculated according to the following methods unless otherwise stated in this Handbook:

    • Points=∑(Actual Selling Price of Goods x Points Collection Rate of a Single Product x Points Collection Rate of Membership); CITY SHOP reserves the right of adjusting points collection rate.
    • Any service fee (including delivery charge, package charge) and cigarette purchase are excluded from the points collection.
    • Points can be collected through payments such as WeChat pay, Alipay, cash, debit card and credit card. Consumption with any other coupons or cash cards is excluded from points collection.
    • Usable points: Member’s current exchangeable points.
    • Points in a membership card can be neither transferred to others, nor exchanged for cash.
    • Points cannot be collected through group purchase at preferential prices.
    • Points cannot be collected through orders from third party platforms like Baidu Take-Out, Eleme, Meituan and Dianping.
    • Only the Citaly restaurant consumptioncould collect points.
    • Points are calculated subject to the higher rate and cannot be calculated repeatedly.
    (3) How to Accumulate

    To accumulate points, please present your club card before paying at the cashier.

    Points will be validated 3 days after the purchase with payment.

    III. Activation of points

    1) Present your Member ID before paying at the cashier of a store to gain corresponding points.

    2) When shopping on CITY SHOP official site, log in with your member ID; upon signing for an order, points will be injected into your account automatically.

    3) Points will be validated one working day after purchase at store or online.

    IV. Points reset

    Points that are not exchanged (used) will be automatically zeroed out after one calendar year from the effective date of the member's points.

    This means that points from your purchase on January 1, 2018 need to be used before January 1, 2019 or they will expire.

    V. Adjustment of points

    For any return or exchange of goods which involves points accumulation or reduction, we will, in our discretion, adjust the corresponding points. For any return or exchange, please present your original receipt and member ID.

    VI. Points inquiry
    Inquiry methods:

    *Usable points accumulated by the end of last working day shown on the receipt.

    *Make an inquiry through the hotline 400-811-1797.

    *Make an inquiry through the member account at WeChat.

    *Log in the online shop of CITY SHOP and make an inquiry following the path of “My Account->Membership Settings-> My Points”.

    VII. Exchange/Use of points

    *Points can be exchanged/used either at offline stores or at Wechat shopping mall of CITY SHOP.

    *Points can be used to exchange coupons, specified goods or cooking skill courses.

    *Members that provided incomplete personal information may be unable to exchange points for coupons/goods/service until they complete the information.

    4. Notice for Member

    (I) Application for membership
    • Accurate and valid information must be submitted in the application for membership; only members with complete information can exchange points for coupons/goods/services;
    • Upon a successful application, a member can get an electronic member ID, which has been bound with the mobile phone number provided by the member in the application; members can collect and exchange/use the points by presenting the mobile phone number;
    • No entity membership cards will be issued.
    (II)Change of member ID and password

    The initial online login password is defaulted as the last 8 digits of the member's mobile phone number. Please log in the official site of CITY SHOP (www.cityshop.com.cn) timely to change the password; keep in mind the new password; all consequences of any password disclosure or stolen member ID caused by a member himself/herself shall be assumed by the member.

    (III)Report the loss of and getting back the member ID

    Please inform the Company in an effective way if your member ID has been lost, stolen, robbed or embezzled, or your membership card and password is stolen, or any other situation without legal authorization. The Company will suspend related services if necessary. Meanwhile, we will appreciate if you understand there will be a reasonable time period taken regarding our processing of your issue. We are not to take any responsibility for instructions that have been executed and (or) your loss caused by them before that period.

    Report the loss of and getting back the member ID: Member can call the service line 400-811-1797, or go to any offline store to report loss to the customer service personnel there and get back the member ID or password with his/her mobile phone number that was provided in application.

    (IV) Freezing and cancellation of the member ID

    Your CITY SHOP membership will be frozen when any of the following situations occurs:

    • Your member ID will be frozen when no transactions occur in your CITY SHOP member ID over the past 12 consecutive months.
    • CITY SHOP will directly freeze any member ID with abnormal consumption and those reported missing.

    If the member wants to reactivate the member ID, he/she must go to an offline store with his/her valid identity documents; the member ID can be restored upon confirmation.

    Your CITY SHOP membership will be cancelled when any of the following situations occurs:

    • VIP members whose total spending is less than RMB 1,200 in a year of membership, or, they are not up to the standard of tier extension, CITY SHOP will cancel their membership.
    • You voluntarily cancel your membership.

    CITY SHOP will not send news or service information to members whose membership have been frozen or cancelled through any way.

    For members who voluntarily cancel their membership, their valid points will automatically invalidated on the day of cancellation.

    (V) Declaration of use of CITY SHOP member ID

    (1) You can exchange points for gifts at offline stores, the official website and the member account at WeChat; we do not provide any invoice for the gifts.
    (2)Do not rent, transfer the member ID to others or give the member ID to others or allow others to use your member ID in other disguised forms. We will not take any responsibility for any loss caused by the above-said doings.
    (3) Points collected through consumption do not have any property nature, which means they are not your personal property. Should there be any modifications and changes of the points or point calculation rules, in our discretion, City Shop reserves the right of final decision. Members who continue to participate in the program after the change will be considered to have accepted the adjusted points and modified rules for points collection.
    (4) All your points or rights of using these points will be frozen, canceled or terminated by the Company when there are inappropriate activities like fraud and abuse found in your procurement and (or) use of the points.

    (VI)Scope of responsibility and limitation of responsibility

    (1) The Company only assumeresponsibilities within the scope of responsibility listed in this Handbook.
    (2) Members should be responsible for all personal information offered and the Company cannot ensure its accuracy, timeliness and integration. You shall be fully responsible for accuracy of the information offered and your own judgment.
    (3) Any advice or consulting service obtained from our stuff is just for advisory purpose. No authority is endowed. You shall decide yourself whether to accept or not.
    (4) Within certain legal bounds, regarding any loss related to or caused by this agreement of indirect, punitive, special, or derivative, regardless of how the loss was caused (including the breach of this agreement or caused by the infringement), we shall not bear any responsibility even it has been informed of the possibility of such loss. Besides, may the exclusive remedy under this agreement not reach its basic purpose, we are not responsible for such loss.

    (VII) Protection of trademark and intellectual property

    (1) The Company or its associated enterprises legally own the intellectual properties of all contents included in CITY SHOP official website as well as CITY SHOP member information, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, news, information, site architecture, layout of pictures of the website and page design; the intellectual properties include but are not limited to trademark, patent, copyright and trade secret.
    (2) Any using, correcting, copying, publicly communicating, changing, spreading, publishing or publicly distributing of the related programs or contents without the prior written permission of the Company is prohibited.
    (3) Please respect the Company’s Intellectual Property Rights while shopping or enjoying services at CITY SHOP.

    (VIII) Application and jurisdiction of law

    All effect, interpretation, change, implementation and dispute resolution of the Handbook are applicable to the laws of People's Republic of China; if there are no relevant legal provisions, general industry practices shall be referred to. The Company shall be able to make supplements, amendments and explanations to the Handbook to the extent permitted by laws and regulations.

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