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  • Member Guide

    Thank you for serving as one of our City Shop members! By adhering the notion of "City Shop, City Life", our supermarket has always been able to make first-class products and services available to all members. This handbook is to offer you some basic information to make your purchase at City Shop easier.


    Our club card is a loyalty card with smart card functions. It allows members to accumulate bonus points and charge the card with money to make cash-free purchases.

    And there are 4 tiers of our card:
    ① VIP
    ② Silver VIP
    ③ Golden VIP
    ④ Diamond VIP

    In order to bring more convenience to your family members, we offer master club card as well as daughter card. The two cards share the same account, and all information in them (including your personal info and account info) will remain same. But the master card would be attached with your own picture.


    You can enjoy more benefits when buying your items at City Shop directly or on City Shop online shop by using the club card.

    • You can collect points on almost everything you buy in store. Points exchange rate varies according to different card tiers.
    • Every single point you collect will be converted to fruitful rewards.
    • Top up your club card, and enjoy cash-free purchasing.
    • Take part in activities thrown by City Shop Member Club.
    • You can be informed timely regarding any latest promotion and event information.


    Card Tiers How to Apply
    VIP With minimum consumption of 100RMB (excluding delivery or service charge) in store of City Shop or City Shop online shop, you can apply for a VIP card.
    Silver VIP Apply and top up 8000RMB at one time (Only in City Shop branch store)
    Golden VIP Apply and top up 20000RMB at one time (Only in City Shop branch store)
    Diamond VIP Apply and top up 50000RMB at one time (Only in City Shop branch store)
    Please notice that the card application fee is only free at the first time you apply. You will be charged 30RMB when reapplying.


    (1) Basic Information

    As a member, if you accumulate enough points, you can be upgraded to a higher level and enjoy free upgrading service.

    Specific rules are:

    Card Tiers Points Collection Rate How to Upgrade How to Avoid Degrading
    VIP 1 Points up to 12000 points no less than 2400
    Silver VIP 3 Points up to 72000 points no less than 36000 Upgrading
    Golden VIP 5 Points up to 240000 points no less than 120000 Upgrading
    Diamond VIP 7   points no less than 336000
    • Cumulative Points: Total points you collected since the first day you gained the membership.
    • How to upgrade: You can upgrade if you accumulate enough points within 24 months; the points will be reset (from 0) after the upgrade or extension.
    • How to avoid degrading: You will be degraded to a lower level or even be canceled of the membership if you have not accumulated enough points to the standard.
    • Valid points: Points that effective for reward redemption.

    Validity period of each club card is 2 years and you must change a new one when it dues. Your previous deposits and points will be remained.

    The points can not be changed into cash or transmitted to others.

    The points can be exchanged into gifts at City Shop branch store or City Shop online store.

    The points can be exchanged into vouchers at City Shop branch store or City Shop online store.

    (2) How to Calculate
    • Points=∑(Goods Price x Purchase Points Rate x Card Points Rate).
    • Any service charge (including delivery charge, package fee) and cigarette purchase is excluded regarding the points collection.
    • Points can be collected only through payments including cash, debit card, credit card, and City Shop Membership card. Any other coupon or cards are not available.
    (3) How to Accumulate

    To accumulate points, please present your club card before paying at the cashier.

    Points will be validated 3 days after the purchase with payment.

    (4) Points Reset

    All valid points gained the year before will be reset to zero at the year-end. For instance, the total non-rewarded valid points accumulated from 1.1.2011 to 31.12.2011 will be reset to zero on 31.12.2012.

    (5) Points Adjustment

    For any return or exchange merchandise which involves points accumulation, we will, in our discretion, adjust the corresponding points. For any return or exchange, please present your receipt.

    (6) Points Query

    For points query, you can refer to:

    • Valid points collected in last 3 working days are shown on your receipt.
    • Call 400-811-1796 service line.
    • City Shop branch store clerks or City Shop online store.
    • Sign in City Shop online store and refer to My Account → Membership Setting → Member Points.
    (7) Points Exchange

    Members can use points to exchange City Gifts including particular items, vouchers, gift coupons, member activities, and services, etc. Gifts exchanged from points are excluded from returning or exchanging (any quality problem makes an exception) . You can convert the points at service counter of each branch store or at City Shop online store.


    City Shop Club card can be topped up and you can enjoy cash-free purchasing by using it.

    (1) How to top up: You can top up your club card at any branch store of City Shop, with paying in cash, or through Union Pay card, Smart card, Sandpay card, OK card, Day's Pass card, Sodexo card, Dz card, and Sandpay-weikang card. Except card cancellation, no refound for money saved.
    (2) You money in the card: There is no validity date of the money your topped up in club card. It cannot be converted to cash or over drafted.
    (3) Where you can use: You can use your money in the card at City Shop or cash on delivery when online shopping.
    (4) Invoice issue: We will issue you invoice when you top up your club card rather than when making any payment by the card.


    (1) Member Application
    • Members must present valid ID documentations (including national ID card and passport) when applying.
    • You would need to complete an application form and take a photo on-site.
    • You will receive both daughter card and master card to collect bonus points or top up.
    • The master card will be finished in 15 working days.We will keep it in the store you applied membership before.Please wait our call for collection.
    (2) Code for Card

    You need to set 2 codes concerning the card: top up code and online store login code (initial default code is the last 6 numbers of your card number). Please change the original code after collecting the card. Members should be responsible for any financial loss of the card if you have not changed the original code on time. You can reset the code at any service center of our branch store.

    (3) Card Retrieval

    Please inform us if your member card has been lost or embezzled. We will appreciate if you understand there will be a time period taken regarding our processing of your issue. We are not to take any responsibility for your loss before that period.

    • For reporting the loss: You can call 400-811-1796 or ask our branch store clerks to report.
    • For reapplying club card: You can reapply a new card at any branch store for our supermarket with valid license.You are to be charged accordingly.The new card will be finished in 15 working days.It will be kept in the store which you applied your membership before.Please wait our call for collection.
    • Your previous money deposited and the points in the old card will be transferred to the new one.
    (4) Card Frozen and Cancellation

    Your club card account will be frozen when any of following circumstances occurs:

    • The card will be frozen if there is no purchase record within 1 year.
    • Irregular cards (including those has been reported lost) will be frozen.

    If you want to reuse your card, please request at any branch store with your valid ID documentation. Your card can be re-validated once going through the verification.

    Your member card account will be canceled when any of following circumstances occurs:

    • We will cancel your membership if there is less than 2400 points recorded in your account within 1 year.
    • You request the cancellation.

    We will no more send any relevant information or service material to members whose accounts have been frozen or canceled. Your money left in the card will be returned to you when you request the card cancellation yourself. But previous points accumulated in your account will not be remained.


    (1) We will issue you invoice when you top up your club card rather than when making any payment by the card. No invoice will be issued for any gift exchanged by bonus points.
    (2) You can not transfer ownership of the card to others. We will not take any responsibility for any lose caused by that.
    (3) We are not responsible for any loss or damage of the card caused by yourself. Please take care of your card.
    (4) Should there be any changes of the points calculation rules, City Shop reserves the right of final decision. Members who continue to participate in the scheme following such a change will be considered to have accepted the updated terms and conditions.
    (5) Your member card account will be frozen or canceled when any inappropriate usage occurs.


    (1) We only take the responsibilities claimed in this handbook.
    (2) Members should be responsible for all personal information offered for card application.
    (3) Any advice or consulting serviced obtained from our company or stuff is just for advisory purpose. No authority is endowed.
    (4) Within certain legal bounds, regarding any loss related to or caused by this agreement of indirect, punitive, special, or derivative, regardless of how the loss was caused (including the breach of this agreement or caused by the infringement), we shall not bear any responsibility even it has been advised of the possibility of such loss. Besides, may the exclusive remedy under this agreement not reach its basic purpose, we are not responsible for such damages.


    (1) City Shop official website as well as City Shop club card contain a number of names, logos, trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property rights which are the property of City Shop.
    (2) Any using, correcting, copying, spreading, changing, displaying or publicly distributing of these marks without the prior written permission of City Shop or related corporations is prohibited.
    (3) Please respect City Shop Intellectual Property Rights while shopping or enjoying services at City Shop.


    The above terms and conditions in this agreement are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of China, and any disputes will be decided only by the Chinese courts.

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