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    If you want to apply for a possible position, please email your resume to hrm@cityshop.com.cn
    or post to the following address:
    6/F MT2, MIXC, No3999, Hongxin Road, Shanghai
    Tel: 62327070*104
    Mobile: 18721583292

    City Shop—Head Office Recruitment

    Position responsibility
    1. Maintain the supply chain; manage the commodity information.
    2. Translate, make and check the labels in both Chinese and English.
    3. Give assistance to the processing of import orders; prepare the customs declaration documents.
    4. Follow up the logistics, dealing with the relationship among parties.
    5. Take regular stock; make investigation and analysis of the sales performance.
    6. Responsible for other tasks assigned by the trade department manager.
    1. Bachelor or above; with English proficiency over CET-6.
    2. A basic knowledge of international trade and financial, majoringin these related specialties is preferred.
    3. Language skill such as Japanese, French, German or Spanish is welcomed.
    4. Good learning and anti-stress ability; strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.
    Working place


    Working time

    standard working hour system, five work days per week
    Salary negotiable

    City Shop—Branch Recruitment

    Position responsibility
    1. Responsible for the development and preparation of western food such as handmade pizza and pasta.
    2. Give assistance to the executive chef to improve the marketing of City Shop delicacies.
    3. Ensure the safety and quality of every dish; keep the working environment clean and hygienic.
    4. Strictly comply the company policy; obey the leadership arrangement and take on other tasks assigned by supervisor.
    1. Educational background of technical secondary school or above; working experience in five-star hotels is preferred.
    2. 3 year-plus working experience as a chief western chef.
    3. Strong sense of responsibility and service consciousness; able to work under pressure.
    4. Good leadership and team spirit.
    5. Good oral English; able to communicate with foreign colleagues and customers.
    Working place

    City Shop branches in Shanghai

    Working time

    comprehensive working hoursaccording to the working hour schedule. (one day on and one day off, or six work days per week)

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