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    Our customer service representative are happy to assist with any question you have while shopping online. Our team is committed to serving you at every step of your shopping experience from consulting to after-sale service. For questions regarding online orders and other frequently asked questions, we suggest using online message or email to contact customer service. Our representative will reply you within 24 hours.

    Hope you have a wonderful shopping experience at City Shop!

    Customer Service E-mail

    Areas of Shanghai E-mail: customerservice@cityshop.com.cn
    Areas of Beijing E-mail: customerservice-bj@cityshop.com.cn

    Telephone and Fax

    Areas of Shanghai Tel Tel: 400-811-1797 Fax: 400-811-1797
    Areas of Beijing Tel: 010-85310188 Fax: 010-85324088

    Advertising Service

    Please contact us at , for advertising service requirements. We provide three types of advertising service:

    • Online advertising
    • Brochures advertising
    • Magazine advertising

    Cooperating with Suppliers

    For all other inquiries please e-mail info@cityshop.com.cn.

    Company and Store Info

    门店地图Location of stores

    Shanghai City Supermarket Co., Ltd.
    Address: 6/F,Building MT2, the MIXC,No.3999, Hongxin Road, Shanghai
    Postal Code: 201101
    Tel: 021-62327070
    Fax: 021-62322177 021-62322155

    Hong Mei Shop
    3211, Hong Mei Road
    SML Shop
    B1, Sun Moon Light Center Square
    618, Xu Jia Hui Road (Metro Line 9 DaPuQiao Rd. Station)
    Tian Shan Shop
    1F-2F, Binggu Square
    341, TianShan Road
    (Metro Line 2 WeiNing Rd. Station Exit No.2)
    Shanghai Centre Shop
    B1, Shanghai Centre
    1376, Nan Jing Road(W)
    Riverside Shop
    1F, West Side Citigroup Tower
    33, Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Road(Fu Cheng Road), Lu Jia Zui, Pu Dong
    Novel Shop
    Shop 08a, Basement Novel Place
    131, Tian Yao Qiao Road(Xin Geng Lu), Xu Jia Hui
    Film Art Centre Shop
    B1, Shanghai Film Art Centre
    160, Xin Hua Road
    Zhu Di Shop
    Community Centre (Stratford West Wing)
    550, Ji Di Road, Zhu Di Town
    Lian Yang Shop
    Rm.107, Yanlord Town Centre, Yanlord Riverside City
    No.30, Lane 1399, Ding Xiang Road, Pu Dong
    Nanxiang Shop
    No.3, Lane 4368, Zhennan Road, Jiading District
    Qi Bao Shop
    Building A, Shun Heng Square
    No.1, Lane 289, Hu Xing Road
    Jin Qiao Shop New
    No.480&490 Hong Feng Rd
    MTR Shop NEW
    B2, South Area, MTR City Plaza
    No.788, Zhenbei Road (Metro Line 13 ZhenBei Rd. Station)
    Liang Ma Qiao Shop
    B1, The Grand Summit
    19, Dong Fang Road (E), Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Parkview Green Shop
    Parkview Green, LG2 13-14
    Num 9 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District

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